Break Dance Tutorial: 5 Best

Learn how to breakdance with our 5 Best breakdance tutorials. Unless you've been breakdancing since you were a kid learning all of the tricks of being a bboy can be tough and even then learning some of the more complicated tricks can be rough without a master to show you how. Since most of us don't have a breakdance master on hand to show us how its done, we need to rely on a good breakdance tutorial to show us some moves and keep us from killing ourselves. Our breakdance tutorial 5 best will show you all you need to know about breakdancing and help transform you into a bboy.
  1. Breakdance Tutorial. This is one of many in a breakdance tutorial series hosted by Bboy Ace. In this breakdance tutorial Bboy Ace teaches us how to do a breakdance freeze known as the baby freeze. In his breakdance tutorials Bboy Ace takes us through the moves slow and steady making sure that you have a grasp on the fundamentals of the move before pushing you to incorporate the move into routines. He makes our breakdance tutorial 5 best for his solid teaching skills and being laugh out loud funny.
  2. Scorpion Tutorial: Turtle Tutorial. When we first saw this breakdance tutorial, we didn't think we would learn much because it's in French. But the way Scorpion breaks down how to turtle to its basics in this breakdance tutorial is so comprehensive that the language barrier won't stop you from learning. The color shots let you get a good overall view of how you turtle while the black and white shots give you a clearer image on hand placement and how to spin. This makes our breakdance tutorial 5 best because it is so good that you can learn to turtle with the sound off.
  3. Six Step Footwork. Six step footwork is one of the most basic moves in breakdancing. Good six step footwork will add some style to your routine and it is a good place to build momentum for more complex power moves.Will Power's breakdance tutorial makes our breakdance tutorial best 5 list for the way Will Power breaks down six step footwork to its elements and gives great tips on how to balance. He also gives some good tips on how to bring it all together and use six step footwork to build up to a power move.
  4. How to Airflare. This breakdance tutorial on how to airflare takes one of the more complicated power moves and breaks it down to basics. It makes our breakdance tutorial 5 best because of the way Bboy Gee uses a combination of visual and written instructions to help you understand the move and how it should be executed. He even gives suggestions on how to use a wall for practice until you're ready to get air borne. Taking a complicated power move and making it look simple and painless makes this one of our breakdance tutorial 5 best.
  5. How to Windmill. This is another breakdance tutorial from the Bboy Ace series on how to breakdance. Just like with his other videos, Bboy Ace breaks down the move so you understand how its done and makes you laugh out loud while he does it. He even shows you how to build into a windmill from a turtle. Being a funny guy and an awesome bboy ranks this in our breakdance tutorial 5 best.
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