Breakdance Battle: Top 5

Get your fill of Bboy insanity with our breakdance battle top 5. The breakdance battle is the ultimate test of  the Bboy and his crew, it's where breakdancing crews get together to see who is the best and check out each others styles. As breakdancers have spread their brand of funk from the streets, you can find breakdance battles in every school yard and back alley one the planet. But the true test of a breakdance crew and how they handle themselves is at one of the international breakdance battle competitions. 
  1. NYC Breakerz vs Rock Steady Crew (1984)- This breakdance battle from the 80s classic "Beat Street" brought the concept of the  breakdance battle from the clubs and the streets and bought it into the consciousness of every kid on who saw the movie. Every kid we knew wanted to start a dance crew and battle after that. Being the spark the lit the flame of Bboys and Bgirls everywhere puts this as number one in our breakdance battle top 5.
  2. Gamblerz vs Top 9 (2009)-  It is the conflicting styles that puts this in our breakdance battle top five. Russia's Top 9 are by far the superior dancers during this battle. They put together super sick crazy legs, group and floor moves and don't rely on their power moves to get the crowd going. On the other hand, you can't deny that South Korea's Gamberlz know how to impress a room with their power moves. In the end neither crew won that years Battle of the Year, but watching their different approaches to the breakdance battle puts this in our breakdance battle top five.
  3. Sonic vs Pelezinho (2005)- Seeing two guys who liked to play the same game made this a interesting breakdance battle. Both Sonic an Pelehinho are capable of pulling off power moves; yet they are both more comfortable showing off their dance skills and focusing on crazy legs and floor moves throughout the battle. Watching this battle forces you to pay close attention to the kinds their dance skills instead of relying on the intensity of power moves to declare the winner. The focus on the dance moves is what put this in our breakdance battle top five.
  4. Sonic vs Rubber Legz (2005)- While RubberLegz does have some impressive moves he is really no match for the lightening quick and versitle Sonic. But despite being a horribly matched battle it was still one of out favorites. The slow implementation of RubberLegz power moves gives you the chance to really appreciate how complicated what he is doing. And at only 18 he is glimpse into what the next generation of breakdancing may look like. This battle also gives you the chance to really appreciate the old school style of Sonic. A quick and fierce combination of floor moves, power moves and dance skills that can only be achieved by a master. It is this peek of the future and flash of the past that puts this in our breakdance battle top five.
  5. Top 9 vs All Area (Battle of the Year 2005)-  Japan's All Areas brought killer floor skills and power moves to this breakdance battle, but in the end they were no match Russia's Top 9 and their sick group routines and power moves. Regardless of who won, just seeing this epic display of skill puts this in our breakdance battle top five.
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