Bream Fishing Techniques

Knowing the best bream fishing techniques will help you to take home a stringer full of tasty fish. Bream are fun and easy to catch. With the right fishing gear, they can even be challenging. 

  1. Use ultra-light rod and reel. Of all of the bream fishing techniques discussed here, this one will guarantee you have the most fun. An ultra-light combination will make reeling in the bream more challenging. With light gear, a decent bream can feel like a good-sized bass.
  2. Get hooks, sinkers and floaters. For bream fishing, hooks should be small to medium sized. Sinkers should be light-about an eighth of an ounce-and designed so you can pinch them onto the line. Floaters should be small and designed for clipping onto the line. Tie the hook onto the line, and then pinch the sinker on about a foot or less above it. Clip the floater onto the line a foot or less above the sinker. You can change this if you get suspicious that the bream are more shallow or deeper than the floater allows the bait to go.
  3. Get the bait. The best bait for bream fishing is live bait. Live crickets, grasshoppers, minnows and worms work well. If you prefer not to use live bait, try marshmallows, raisins, hot dog pieces and other similar foods.
  4. Find a shady pond or lake. A shady pond or lake will serve two purposes: shade for you and shade for the fish. Bream hang out everywhere, but your best technique is to search for them in shady spots. If it is a cool day, try the sunny areas instead.
  5. Fish around trees, bushes and logs. This is probably the most important bream fishing technique. Bream love to stay near the bank and in the shade around anything that provides cover. Avoid getting into matted grass, but fish the edges of it, as well as lily pads and weeds.
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