Breast Firming Massage Guide

This breast firming massage guide provides step-by-step instructions to give an effective and pain-free massage. Breast massage has been practiced for centuries tracing its roots back to Ayurvedic medicine from ancient India. Continued massage will help keep a bosom firm and shapely. It encourages circulation thus helping to balance hormones and is a natural alternative to breast surgery. To perform breast firming massage, a comfortable, private location and hypoallergenic oil or lotion is needed.

  1. Apply oil or lotion. The woman should be lying or sitting down. Apply the lubricant in a circular motion beginning at the center of the chest and moving towards the armpit. It is important to apply to the whole region in order to reduce friction and irritation that could be caused by the massage. Breast tissue is delicate and all pressure should be applied lightly during the procedure.
  2. Knead the tissue. After the breast is covered in lubricant, lift the tissue with one hand and then the other and press it gently back towards the chest. Next, pick up the breast tissue and delicately wring and twist it alternating hands until the whole area is done. Apply more lotion or oil if necessary.
  3.  Scoop the whole breast. With the palms, scoop the entire breast into one hand and move in a clockwise direction. Repeat with the other hand in the opposite (counterclockwise) direction. Repeat this step up to three times.
  4. Apply soothing strokes. Using finger tips lightly brush the breast tissue from the center towards the armpit area. Continue until the majority of the lubrication has been soaked into the skin.
  5. Repeat on the other breast. Firming breast massage should be applied at least once a week to be effective.
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