Breaststroke Swimming Technique

Learning the proper breaststroke swimming technique is essential if you want to do well in a competition setting. It's not an easy stroke to master, but it can be done with time, patience and hard work. In order to do the breaststroke, your legs will need to resemble a frog kick while your hands are doing a sweeping motion. The best swimmers also incorporate the use of their hips and abdominal muscles to better their stroke. If you work hard at improving your technique, it will only be a matter of time before you are swimming the breaststroke like a professional.

  1. Legs. When it comes to using your legs, many people assume that you're supposed to think about bringing your knees towards the chest. However, this is not the correct breaststroke swimming technique. To use your legs properly, think of it as bringing your feet towards your butt.
  2. Knees and Feet. Use this breaststroke swimming technique as your knees are straightening. Your feet should be turned and pointed because this will allow your body to externally rotate when you're kicking. At the same time, you should be drawing your legs together. Make sure to do this because it's what allows you to glide in a streamlined position.
  3. Abdomen. The breaststroke uses the abdominal muscles more than most people realize. As a result, a good breaststroke swimming technique is to engage your core. In order to do this, you will need to draw in your abdominal muscles as you are thrusting your legs back. Then, release them once you are bringing your legs together.
  4. Arms. Having a good breaststroke swimming technique for your arms is essential. If you use them in the right way, you will be able to engage the latissimus dorsi muscles that are in your back. You should imagine that your arms are coming from your back as you pull them forward. However, make sure that you don't take them too wide.
  5. Shoulders and Neck. Make sure that you keep your shoulders and neck relaxed. Don't tense them because it will weaken your stroke. As you're pulling your arms, keep your shoulders and neck loose. If you remain relaxed, you will notice a big improvement with your technique and speed.
  6. Mouth and Head. The placement of your head also plays a significant role in a good breaststroke swimming technique. A useful tip is to have your chin resting on the surface of the water because you don't want to lift it too high. In fact, you will slow down and lose your streamlined position if you lift your head up too high. Also, make sure to breathe in through your mouth.
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