Britney Spears Discography

Britney Spears has been in the media a lot recently for her erratic behavior and failed marriage, but she has been in the music industry much longer than most of the young, popular female artists working today, as you will learn in this Britney Spears discography. Britney's career began when she was just sixteen-years-old, when her image was still very innocent. These days, however, she has taken on a more sophisticated and diva-like persona that is in keeping with the times.

  1. "…Baby One More Time." This song is first in this Britney Spears discography because it was the first single from her debut album. This catchy tune is about a girl who has broken up with her boyfriend and wants to get him back. The infamous music video for this song has Britney Spears dressed as a sexy school girl and really launched her image as the sexy young girl that any man would love to have.
  2. "Oops!… I Did It Again." Another international hit, this was another catchy song, which had a different message than "…Baby One More Time." The music video had Britney in another famous outfit, the red jumpsuit, and she repeatedly sings "I'm not that innocent." With this song, the goal was to obviously ramp up Britney's image and make her appear sexier and even more desirable. 
  3. "Toxic." This song comes along a little later in the Britney Spears discography, and is distinctly different from her earlier work. The message here is that Britney Spears has grown up from her teenage days, as the music video is much more sexually explicit than her earlier videos. With the piercing violin interlude and the rapid, catchy beat, this song makes for a great club tune as well. 
  4. "Womanizer." With this song in the Britney Spears discography, Britney steps it up in terms of sexual explicitness and is portrayed nearly nude in the music video. This song differs from her previous work because of its electro-pop quality. This is another great song to dance to.
  5. "Hold It Against Me." This song is Britney's most recent hit, and it is one of her most successful, reaching No. 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100. This is a great dance hit with a techno flavor and a very fun message about dancing until the world ends.

Now that you have a taste of the Britney Spears discography, you can see that Britney has gone through an incredible evolution as a performer and has managed to command a wide audience for mane than a decade.



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