Broad Shoulders Workout

Broad shoulder workouts are a necessary component when developing a powerful masculine frame. Working out to build up the muscles in your shoulders is not an easy task because the exercises must be done properly to avoid injury. In order to develop the broad shoulders that you desire, you must concentrate on the exercises so that they are done correctly. Here are a few exercises that you can use to develop broad shoulders:

  1. Deltoid extensions is an exercise where you stand up straight using the cable machine for those that need help in controlling their motion. If you are just starting out lifting weights, then make sure the weights are light so that you do not pull anything. Grab the cables handle and bring your arm straight up and out so that it crosses your body. In the same motion, bring your arm back to the point where you can squeeze your shoulder blades and continue to repeat this movement five times per set before switching arms. After doing this exercise you will feel it in your posterior and medial deltoids.
  2. Rear shoulder raises is mainly for the posterior deltoids, which shows results quickly when done properly. Now to be successful at the exercise, make sure you are seated on the workout bench and that you have a dumbbell in each hand. Slightly bend the top part of your body forward keeping your back straight and chin up. While in this position lift your arms out to the side, hold it for five seconds, and slowly lower your arms back down repeating this exercise five times per set.
  3. Standing military press is a basic shoulder exercise that the military personnel tend to use in their physical training. This exercise works all of the deltoids at once using just the free weights. While standing up, grab hold of the barbell placing it on your shoulders. While in this position place your hands about half your thumbs length away from your shoulders and slowly lift the free weight off your shoulders. Make sure that you are only using your upper body when doing this exercise so that your shoulder will get the full effect of the lift. Make sure to repeat this exercise five times each repetition.
  4. Barbell upright row is a great shoulder and back exercise. With the barbell on the floor, place your hands one-thumb length apart from each other at the center of the bar. Lift the bar up to your chin and extend your arms forward in slow motion. As you repeat this exercise, you will notice that it is working all of your deltoids at once. Repeating this exercise in repetitions of five before resting will make a big difference in building up your shoulder muscles.
  5. Dumbbell side raise will dramatically increase the width of your shoulders by focusing on the medial deltoid. Using dumbbells, spread your legs to where your feet are the same width as your shoulders. While holding the dumbbells at your sides slowly raise them to the height of your shoulders and hold for five seconds. Lower the dumbbells repeating this exercise five times per set.

Improving the size of your shoulders takes alot of work but the end results are worth it. The size of your shoulders will definitely accentuate the frame of your body making you look even bigger in size.

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