Broken Big Toe Treatment

A broken big toe is a fairly common injury to occur; therefore, it’s important to learn broken big toe treatment in case the injury should arise. A broken big toe often occurs after stubbing the toe or when a heavy object is dropped on the toe. In most cases, the big toe injury can be treated at home, but for severe breaks, medical attention will be needed for broken big toe treatment.

To repair a broken big toe you may need:

  • Medical Care
  • Tape
  • Gauze or Cotton
  • Surgery
  • Cast
  1. With severe injuries, broken big toe treatment will require the assistance of a physician. If the bone is displaced or the bone protrudes through the skin, a physician will need to set the bone back into place to allow proper healing. This is often done using anesthesia to numb the toe prior to setting the bones into place. After the toe is in place, the toe will be wrapped in a support system to help keep the toe stable to allow it to heal.
  2. Broken big toe treatment can take place at home if the break is minor. Using the "buddy taping" method, the big toe will be taped to the toe next to it. This aids as a support system for the broken big toe. With this form of broken big toe treatment, bathing is still allowed as long as the tape is replaced afterwards. When taping the toes together, it’s important to place a piece of gauze or cotton between the two toes to reduce sores from developing as the two toes rub against each other.
  3. Severe broken big toe treatment may require a cast. This is only used for severe breaks and consists of a supportive shoe to wear when the toe is severely swollen. Often, a cast is used when surgery is needed to repair the broken bone, especially if the break occurred at the toe joint or if multiple breaks occurred.

Broken big toe treatment can be done at home if the break is minor; however, if the bone is protruding through the skin, the toe is draining, or numbness occurs medical attention should be sought. If the toe turns blue or gray in color, medical attention is needed. If you’ve used a home remedy method to repair the toe but it remains painful and swollen for a prolonged period of time, seek medical attention.

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