Bronchitis Symptoms In Adults

For individuals that are feeling under the weather and feel like they might be getting sick, it can be beneficial to learn about the various bronchitis symptoms in adults. Bronchitis is a respiratory condition that occurs due to an inflammation of the lungs' primary air pathways. Typically, bronchitis occurs right after a bout of a respiratory infection, such as influenza or the common cold. Identifying the symptoms of your condition can help you to determine whether you think you have bronchitis or not, before you visit the doctor.

  1. Coughing is one of the most telling bronchitis symptoms in adults. With bronchitis, coughs either can include mucus or can be entirely dry. Mucus can appear in a variety of colors, including green, grayish-yellow, clear and white. In some cases, large amounts of mucus can also indicate possible pneumonia. 
  2. Discomfort of the chest is another common sign of bronchitis in adults.  The chest discomfort can arise due to nonstop and aggressive coughing, which could make the muscles of both the abdomen and the chest extremely sore. In more severe cases, the severe coughing can even lead to fainting.
  3. Wheezing is another typical symptom of bronchitis. Wheezing generally indicates breathing difficulties, and is characterized by a sound that resembles whistling during otherwise normal breathing. Wheezing happens due to both the airway inflammation and the constricted muscles. When people wheeze excessively, they often develop shortness to breath and have to gasp to catch air. Physical exertion, such as working out, can exacerbate wheezing greatly.
  4. General feelings of malaise can also be a warning sign of bronchitis, such as feeling lethargic, exhausted and fatigued. People suffering from bronchitis might also experience subtle fevers and body chills.
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