Brothel Guide To Europe

This brothel guide to Europe will be the ultimate pilgrimage for your next big trip. From beautiful women to relaxing quarters, the best red light districts in Europe provide excitement, pleasure, and satisfaction. Follow this plan to its completion and you’ll achieve sexual bliss. 

  1. Pascha, Germany. You’ll feel a sense of liberty in Germany where prostitution is openly legal. At Pascha, Europe’s oldest brothel, over a hundred prostitutes are contained in a 12-story tower. One floor of the tower is dedicated to those on a low budget. For those that are into transsexuals, another floor is dedicated solely to these she-males. Aside from the sexual fast food, Pascha even houses several bars and you can get pizza delivered to you anywhere. You can’t go wrong with Pascha’s money back guarantee and an extra perk for senior citizens is the 50% discount they get every afternoon. Pascha: Stahlgruberring 37, 81829 Munich, Germany.
  2. Big Sister, Czech Republic. If you’re into public displays of sexual affection, Big Sister will be your utopia. Decked out with cameras in every corner, you’re guaranteed to become an international porn star when you visit this brothel in Prague because all the dirty action is posted online. Subsidized by the pornography they publish, you’ll also be able to bang a Czech prostitute for free so what are you waiting for? Big Sister: Nadrazni 46, Prague, Czech Republic 15000.
  3. Bordels Mobiles de Campagne, France. These mobile brothels are largely historical but still popular to the present day. Prostitutes were transported to the horny soldiers in these trailer trucks during both world wars, the Algerian War, and the Indochina War to satisfy their basic need for sex. You too can take advantage of the sexual convenience when you visit the French countryside. The rural French men need their brothels too.
  4. Club Paradise, Spain. Despite being a seriously Catholic country, Spain has its fair share of prostitution, but this time it’s gone large-scale by opening the biggest brothel in Europe. You can choose to watch a sexy performance in one of their showrooms or pay for a Spanish prostitute and a private room. Only 30 minutes away from France, this brothel is already a popular site for Frenchmen looking for action. Club Paradise: Avenida Euskadi 7, La Jonquera, Spain 17700.
  5. Villa Tinto, Belgium. Complete your sexual pilgrimage in Antwerp’s red light district at this upper class brothel. The building and its interior was designed by the famous architect, Arne Quinze, who has worked for several Hollywood celebrities. One of the highlights of Belgium’s tourist brothel maps, Villa Tinto is advertised as imbued with “the color of love.” You can admire the prostitutes for free, but you’ll be so turned on and renting a room before you know it. Villa Tinto: Verversrui 17-19, B-2000, Antwerp, Belgium.
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