Bruce Jenner Net Worth

1976 Olympic Gold Medal winner (Decathlon) Bruce Jenner has a net worth of $100,000,000+. He is the only Olympic Gold Medal holder with that distinction. Winning the gold just doesn't pay that well. How did this left-handed dyslexic from New York find success beyond anybody's wildest dreams? He followed the money.

What do Americans spend more money on than anything else? Weight loss and fitness products. By the mid-90's, Bruce and Kris (Kardashian, his wife and business partner), had amassed a sizeable fortune selling fitness products—$450,000,000, according to their promotional literature. Well, that's half a fortune accounted for. Where was the other half from? Bruce literally made a fortune by being himself.

Whoever wins the Decathlon is literally the greatest athlete on earth. This is an event that is so grueling, it takes two days to complete. So why is Bruce Jenner the only winner's name that garners international, instant recognition? Because he did everything he could to make it so. He endorsed a lot of products, most notably Wheaties, He became a motivational speaker and sports commentator. He launched Bruce Jenner Aviation, which specializes in exclusive sales of corporate aircraft. As of this writing, Bruce can be seen regularly on the TV hit reality show, "Keeping Up With the Karashians."

Bruce had this to say about success. "I'm the type of guy who fails and fails and fails, and then, as if failure has become sick of him, succeeds." In his estimation, success comes down to never giving up.



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