Brushes For Photoshop

Whether it’s a web professional looking for the best Photoshop brushes or just an amateur who needs to spice up their artwork or photos, everyone on the internet seems to be looking for or are in need of brushes for Photoshop. There are literally hundreds of thousands of brushes from all over the web, and some of them work better than others. Luckily, this is a list of the top brushes for Photoshop that will allow that special artistic flare to come through.

  1. Splatter Pack The Splatter pack has 23 brushes that allow the user to create random splatter patterns for their artwork and photos. There are many uses for the splatters, especially if the artist is looking to make ink drops, camouflage patterns, or a texture for a game. This pack has exactly what they’re looking for.
  2. Blood Splatter Pack This is an upgraded version of the Splatter pack above. It allows the creators of web-art to add a grizzly splash of red to their more macabre art pieces or photographs. It’s also very useful for the game designers out there who need to add that last creepy touch to their textures.
  3. Doodle Brushes Pack The cute little way that kids draw can be an asset, especially to an artist who can’t seem to make themselves draw like they did when they were a kid. This pack has many doodles that look as if they’ve been drawn by a 5 year old such as stick figures, clouds and little cars that all look as if they were drawn with a crayon.
  4. Cracked Pack The need for textures in games and photos always help the artist to make something that looks bland and mundane look far more interesting. This pack makes surfaces look as if they have severe damage. Paint peeling and concrete cracks are all compiled into this one pack. This pack is also useful for game makers who need a little texture to their walls and floors. If used right it could even make really good textures for creatures like zombies and monsters.
  5. Math Pack There are many cases in which a picture needs to make the person standing around look smart. The best way to do this is to have some mathematical equations floating around them, or on the surface of a blackboard. The imagination of the artist can decide where, but the making-it-look-believable part is taken care of with this pack. Algebraic equations and formulas, for those of us who struggle with math, can easily be applied without having to pour over your old high school text books.



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