Bugatti Veyron Top Speed

The Bugatti Veyron top speed is 253 miles per hour or 407 kilometers per hour. There are reports that state this super charged car can get up to 267 miles per hour, but it is limited due to the possibility that a tire can blow out and cause damage and injury. This is the fastest car in the world that is allowed on the streets. Bugatti is the name of the original manufacturer and Pierre Veyron is the name of a race car driver that won a 24-hour race car event while driving a Bugatti. Keep on reading. 

The Bugatti Veyron’s top speed can reach 62 miles per hour within 2.46 seconds. This is a very fast car. When the Bugatti is traveling at 253 miles per hour, it is consuming two gallons of gas per mile. In one hour, 127 gallons of gas is burned at a cost of about $508.00 if the gas price is $4.00 a gallon. A Bugatti car is so fast that the engineers have installed ten radiators to keep the engine from overheating. Keep in mind that there are a few different types of Bugatti cars, and they are all expensive to drive.

The Bugatti Veyron’s top speed car will cost you about $1.9 million dollars. Finding a sales person to cut a deal for this speedster may be hard to do. Why? This is the most expensive car in the world. Trying to obtain a Bugatti Veyron top speeding car is very rare and very few people drive one off the car lot. The Bugatti Veyron is the fastest vehicle on the streets, and a race car is illegal to drive on the streets.



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