Build A Dirt Bike Exhaust

Understand how to build a dirt bike exhaust for a custom look. An exhaust system must have a muffler, which redirects the vibrations caused by the dirt bike and does not allow it to make a lot of noise. Not having a muffler in your bike can get you in trouble with the police as well. However, for off-road biking, this may be an exception, only if the biker is well-aware of the laws in the area in which he lives. In case your bike does not have a muffler, you can create one yourself.

Things you will need to build a dirt bike exhaust:

  • Tomato sauce can
  • Drill and bits
  • Steel wool
  • Sound Fibers that are suitable for high temperature
  1. You will need a tomato sauce can the height of which is more than its width. You need to drill eight holes at the top as well as bottom of the can. In the center of one end of the can, you need to drill a hole big enough for the exhaust pipe to fit. Clean out the can completely and let it dry. This will be the foundation of your own dirt bike exhaust.
  2. You now need to get steel wool and acoustic sound fibers that will sustain high temperatures and fill up the can. Make small balls with the steel wool wrapped around the pieces of fiber to create the sound of the dirt bike exhaust.
  3. Fill in the dirt bike exhaust can with the balls from the hole created at one end until it is stuffed. The muffler will be more effective if the can is properly stuffed. The vibrations get absorbed by the steel wool and acoustic fiber. Build your own dirt bike exhaust and let the imagination take control of the design and sound features.
  4. The can should now be fixed on the exhaust pipe and the engine started for a test. Take care in testing and building your dirt bike exhaust.
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