Build Dive Platforms For Boats

Have fun and save money this summer by learning how to build a boat dive platform for boats yourself. A diving board for diving on the lake can provide limitless fun during diving sessions. A diving platform can easily be built at home.

Things you will need to build a boat diving platform:

  • Four 4 x 4 framing boards that are 8-feet long
  • Wood screws
  • Drill
  • 24 2 x 4-inch by 8-feet pieces of lumber
  • Grommet
  • Grit paint  
  • Marine grade caulk
  • Barrels that float
  • Rope made of nylon
  • Cinder blocks
  1. You need four pieces of 4 x 4 board. Lay the boards in a square and attach them at the corners with wood screws and a drill to build your platform.
  2. The frame needs to be covered with 2 x 4 boards. Place the 2 x 4 boards on the square, side by side. Screw each piece of wood to the frame from both ends. After all the 2 x 4 boards are attached to the frame, the diving platform will become stronger.
  3. A heavy grommet needs to be screwed at the center of one of the 4 x 4 lumber that makes up the boat diving platform frame. It does not matter which board you choose to screw the grommet to.
  4. The surface of the boat dive platform 2 x 4 boards should then be painted with waterproof grit paint. The grit does not let the  platform get slippery.
  5. Attach some floating barrels together with the help of waterproof caulk. Pick as many barrels as required from a hardware or marine store to float the boat dive platform. This will vary, but start with three barrels and add barrels until it floats. Apply the waterproof caulk liberally to the barrels and stick them together until you reach the size of the platform.
  6. These floating barrels can be placed on the water, with the boat dive platform on top. Use a depth finder to determine the estimated depth of the water.
  7. Tie one end of a nylon rope to the grommet located on the boat dive platform, and pass the other end through two of the four blocks that form the anchor. The rope should be tied back to itself. The cinder blocks should be dropped in the water where the platform needs to be placed.
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