Build Freestyle Motocross Ramps

Want to build freestyle motocross ramps? This is a guide to build freestyle dirt ramps. They will be useful for honing your skills on your motocross bike. With an open area, you can construct motocross ramps using mostly natural materials, wheel barrow and shovels. This will change up the type of riding that you are used to and allow you an opportunity much different from your norm.


  • Wheel Barrow
  • Spade shovels
  • Flat head shovels
  • Open land that has minimal natural obstructions


  1. Create a plan. Plan how you will lay out your ramps and make use of the terrain that you have. Remember to leave space for take offs and landings. These will be long straightaways. Other things to consider include where the ramps are facing and how high the ramps will be. An average ramp should be up to about your shoulder. You can construct your ramp to be smaller or larger depending on the amount of area you have to make landings.
  2. Dirt piles. Put large piles of dirt in the places where you want to make your ramps. Pile the dirt to about shoulder height. This will give you enough dirt to construct your ramps.
  3. Mold the dirt. They should be rounded at the top. Beware of the flat top; this is something you definitely don't want. You will want to make the center part of the ramps very strong. It needs to be sturdy, because this will be where you go off the ramp every time if you are riding them correctly.
  4. Get rid of any objects that will make the ramp tough to ride. Any kind of obstacle will make the ramps very unsafe. You do not want anything that will make you lose control of your motocross bike. Get rid of any roots or rocks that could be in the dirt.
  5. Shape the landing. Smooth the area that you designated as the landing (remember twice as long and twice as wide as the take off). You want to clear the area. Make sure that there are no rocks on the landing either.
  6. Water down the ramps. Solidify the ramp with the water. This will make the area safe to ride. This is not necessary but it is highly recommended. You want the ramp to be as strong and solid as possible.

The process is easy enough. Make sure to build your ramps strong and have fun with it. This is a good activity to do with multiple people because having those extra arms will allow for this long process to go faster. The more eyes will also make sure that the ramps are right to be used.  

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