Build Homemade Paintball Fields

If you want to host paintball parties in your back yard or have a lot of acreage to turn into a paintball field, you might need to build homemade paintball fields yourself. As it turns out, there's not as much "building" involved as there is organizing and designing. Depending on the types of games you want to play, you can do this in several different ways.

Things you'll need to build homemade paintball fields:

  • Wooden pallets
  • Barrels
  • Sheets of fiberglass
  • Stacks of logs
  1. Determine how big your field should be. Even if you have several acres of space, you might not want to put paintball equipment on the whole thing. One acre is ideal for most close combat games while two to five acres are ideal for war games.
  2. Buy some wooden pallets. Nail them together into a square or wedge them into the ground in sets of two in a "V" shape. These provide the best cover in homemade paintball fields and still allow players to peek out from on top or around the sides to shoot opponents.
  3. Stack barrels in various places near the pallets. These also provide cover and are great for hiding game objects in homemade paintball fields, like the flag in "Capture the Flag."
  4. Build a window out of fiberglass. Building a window out of fiberglass is a great way to stay protected while seeing around barricades. Drill a shooting hole near the window so players can look out and see what they're shooting at the same time.
  5. Stack cords of logs, big or small, on the ground to provide prone cover in homemade paintball fields. These blend easily into the landscape and aren't always suspected as being cover.
  6. Create forts. Using wood, logs or more pallets and arranging them in treetops or in creek beds is a great way to build forts that can be easily defended.  
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