Bulletin Board Ideas For Teachers

Making a list of bulletin board ideas for teachers is a good way to help teachers make use of the bulletin board as both a fun and instructional tool. A classroom bulletin board is visible to the entire class and makes a perfect way to communicate ideas and share with your class. Getting your students involved with bulletin board activities can also help promote a more unified classroom setting, so take advantage of the bulletin board and use it to your advantage.

  1. Student Work Display. Use the bulletin board to display outstanding work by some of your students. This is a good way to highlight those students whose work stands out, and it gives other students the opportunity to view the work of their peers. Seeing examples of good student work may be educational to other students as well.
  2. Student of the Month. Highlight a different student each month (make sure every student gets a turn) by displaying some of the student's best work, as well as photographs of the student of the month and anything the student of the month might want to bring in to share with the class.
  3. Holiday Cheer. Decorate the bulletin board with holiday specific elements the week before any upcoming holiday. To help make it educational as well as decorative, include information about the history of each holiday, or how other countries may celebrate the holiday.
  4. Get to Know the World. Feature a different geographical location in the world each month. Hang photographs and information about the location on the bulletin board and encourage students to come up with facts about the location to add to the bulletin board as well.
  5. Classroom Calendar. The bulletin board can be a perfect way to keep the class up to date on upcoming school trips, test dates, and other special dates related to classroom activities.
  6. Study Guide. Use the bulletin board to keep students abreast of upcoming tests and the materials and information that will be needed to pass those tests. Make this a benefit for students who take the time to use the bulletin board for this purpose.
  7. Story of the Week. Make creative use of the bulletin board for a story of the week. Use both pictures and written elements to tell a story that the class can enjoy all week long. Alternatively, allow students to create the story by having each child in the class add something new to the story each day, until a complete story is written.
  8. Class Puzzle. Purchase a variety of jigsaw puzzles and allow classmates to work together to put together a weekly educational puzzle on the bulletin board.
  9. Thank You List. Allow students to make use of the bulletin board to say thank you to classmates and family members and to highlight the things in their lives they are most grateful for.
  10. Get to Know Your School. Each week, hang photographs and other elements relating to other classes in the school as a way of letting your class get to know more people in the school they attend.
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