Bumps On Back Of Tongue

Ever wonder what are those bumps on the back of tongue and why are they larger that normal? Small bumps on the back of your tongue, called circumvallate paplllae, are quite normal but when they get bigger and hurt, you might have a problem. The below are the most common reason that the bumps on the back of your tongue may get enlarged.

You may have a sinus infection if you notice swelling on your cirucumvallate papillae on the back of your tongue. Generally, a sinus infection that would cause swelling on tongue bumps would be fairly advanced so you might also have a pressure headache. Other symptoms may be a pressure in your ears or the front of your face. If the sinus infection doesn't clear in a few days with over the counter sinus medication, get checked out by a doctor as you might need a prescription.

You could have a case of oral thrush also known as candida. Oral thrush would not only cause the bumps on the back of your tongue to become larger, but you would probably also have a yellow or whitish cottage cheese like lesions on the tongue. The quickest way to get rid of oral thrush is to get a prescription for Nystatin from your local doctor.

Enlarged bumps on the back of your tongue could signal a sexually transmitted disease (STD). STDs such as herpes simplex infection or early stage syphilis can cause enlarged bumps. Although not the first diagnosis for this tongue problem, STDs could be present. Get checked by your doctor if they persist or become painful.

You could simply have abnormally large taste buds. If you have no further symptoms rather than the enlarged bumps, consider yourself clean of other issues. If, however, you've eaten something very spicy or different from your normal diet, consider the fact that you have may be having a reaction to the new food.

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