Bunion Surgery Recovery Time

Most bunions don't require surgical intervention, but if you need surgery, you should learn about bunion surgery recovery time. A bunion is a bump on the outer toe. In some people, this causes pain and causes the foot to grow inward. Bunions can have a variety of causes ranging from shoes that are to tight, to arthritis, to genetics. The recovery time for bunion surgery depends of the type of bunion surgery you have.

Arthrodesis is one type of bunion surgery where the surgeon removes the damaged joint and inserts screws at the same time. This type of bunion surgery is only recommended for patients who have serious arthritis or other complications from bunions. Recovery from arthodesis bunion surgery might be longer than other procedures.  

Resection Arthroplasty is a type of bunion surgery for patients who have had previous bunion surgery. During resection arthroplasty, a surgeon removes the damaged part of the joint. This makes the joint more flexible. This bunion procedure is generally limited to older adults. Osteotomyis a type of bunion surgery where the joint is realigned, so that it is no longer pointing inward.

All recovery from bunion surgery includes wearing a cast or other type of foot protection. This phase of the recovery will last anywhere from six to eight weeks. You will have to make sure to change the bandages, as directed by your doctor. You will also have to use a cane or crutches when you begin to put weight on your foot.  You will probably require some type of physical therapy after your bunion surgery in order to regain range of motion and strength in your foot.



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