Burning Crusade Nude Mod

You can learn about the "Burning Crusade" nude mod easily. You have played WoW for many hours. You're not exactly making strides with the opposite sex if you're an obsessive mmo player. If you want to see naked women without going to adult entertainment sites on the Internet, this simple Warcraft mod can help you.

  1. Download the "Burning Crusade" Nude Mod File. Installing any game mod starts this way. Place the file into the "World of Warcraft" directory that contains all the character models. You do not need to run any fancy executable or com files to get this mod to work.
  2. Start World of Warcraft. Enter your password as you normally would and go to the character select screen. If you decided to make a female character, which we know no guy playing an MMO ever does, you will see the female character model in an undressed state, thanks to the "Burning Crusade" Nude mod.
  3. Enter Azeroth With Your Character. Make sure the "Burning Crusade" Nude mod is enabled. Run around Azeroth and look at now naked women. Not only do they not show any armor, but the standard ways the game uses to indicate a character is naked does not show up either. World of Warcraft Warlocks will find that the succubus is also naked now
  4. Check for the "Burning Crusade" Nude Mod Updates with Each Expansion. Cataclysm added Worgen and goblins as new races. Only a sadist would want to see most horde races without clothing, and the Worgen aren't incredibly attractive character models, unless you're a furry. The Blood Elves are the one exception to the ugly horde character races rule. Everyone wants to see naked blood elf chicks, which is the primary reason for the existence of the Burning Crusade Nude mod.
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