Busted Celebrities

You would think the spotlight would keep celebrities on their best behavior, but there are many busted celebrities to talk about. Even the most attractive celebrities have gotten themselves into some hot water. Some celebrities have even been busted for multiple offenses on more than one occasion.

  1. Lindsay Lohan Although she seems to be able to keep herself out of jail lately, it was a different story in 2007. She was busted for leaving the scene of an accident and drunk driving after she wrecked her car. She was then placed on electronic monitoring. While on the electronic monitoring, she was arrested again for DUI. 

  2. Charlie Sheen From the past to the present, Charlie Sheen has been up close and personal with police and criminal charges. Sheen has been arrested and charged with battery, driving while intoxicated, drug possession and parole violations just to name a few. Along with criminal charges, Sheen has been busted for spending nights with prostitutes while he was and single and while he was married.

  3. Paris Hilton This celebrity was busted for the possession of cocaine in the summer of 2010, but before that she she was sentenced to 45 days in jail after she was caught driving numerous times after losing her license for a DUI. Although the police weren't involved, she was busted when a sex video of herself was released.

  4. Robert Downey, Jr. This busted celebrity has been arrested a half dozen times for drugs and alcohol and has been in and out of rehab at least that many time. He seems to have gotten his life on track and has a great acting career.

  5. Sean Penn He falls into that Hollywood bad boy type, especially until he married Robin Wright. This busted celebrity was arrested in 1986 for assaulting a photographer and again in 2009 for a confrontation with a paparazzo.   

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