Butterfly Swim Technique

Spend time learning about the butterfly swim technique so you can do the stroke properly. The butterfly is one of the more difficult swimming strokes to master. If you want to be successful at it, you will need to work hard to develop your technique and ability. You will need to spend time learning the proper technique so you don't develop bad swimming habits.

  1. Head The head is probably more important to the butterfly swim technique than you even realize. To swim properly, your head needs to be in-line with your spinal cord. In order to do this, you need to position your head so it is straight with the length of your spinal cord.
  2. Chest If you're using the proper butterfly swim technique, your chest will have an up and down motion. In order to do it correctly, your chest needs to press downwards when your arms are entering the water. Not only that, but you need to remember to press forward when on the surface of the water.
  3. Arms The arms are one of the most important parts of the butterfly swim technique. They are what help you drive forward. To use them properly, make sure they are moving in a steady rhythm. Both arms need to be in perfect sync, otherwise you are going to have a lot of issues.
  4. Legs When it comes to your legs in the butterfly swim technique, timing is everything. Your legs need to work together with your arms so you drive yourself forward. Make sure to remain in sync and don't kick forcefully, otherwise you're going to waste a lot of energy.
  5. Hips For this final butterfly swim technique, you will need to work on your hips. Your hips should be raised to a higher level. If you consistently do this, it will be easier to propel your body forward.



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