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If you want to buy hang gliders, then you probably want to start participating in this amazing and exciting activity. Hang gliding is very different from other activities like sky diving which provides a significant rush and burst of energy. Hang gliding feels much more relaxing and gentle, making it more suitable for a wider variety of people. One of the first things people new to this activity must do is buy their hang gliders.

  1. Take a lesson. Before you attempt to buy your own hang glider, take a lesson with a professional instructor. This will generally cost between $70 and $120. During the lesson, pay attention to the hang glider the instructor chooses for you and how it feels as you use it.
  2. Consult with the instructor. The instructor can give you some great tips about buying the right hang glider for your size, weight and skill level. If you’ve previously trained with a hang gliding instructor, get back in touch with him to ask for advice about buying a hang glider.  
  3. Be prepared to spend the money. A hang glider is not a cheap piece of equipment to buy. It will likely cost at least $1,000 and will more likely be around $1,500 or more. Trying to buy a used or inexpensive hang glider can be detrimental to your safety.
  4. Try out the hang glider if possible. Before you invest your money in buying the hang glider, take it for a test ride. This is often possible because qualified professionals who sell hang gliders understand the importance of testing a hang glider out. Make sure you’re completely comfortable with how the hang glider feels and handles in the air.
  5. Find out the return and exchange policy. Even if you are able to take the hang glider for a test run, you might encounter a problem on your third or fourth time using it. In this case, you should be able to return the hang glider or at least exchange it for a more suitable model. Again, if you’re buying from a professional, they will understand the importance of being comfortable with the hang glider and offer a fair return or exchange policy.
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