Buy Wow Gear

In massively multiplayer games your dress shows off your achievements and a large amount of your capability to contribute and that's why learning how to buy WoW gear is an essential part of your online experience. With gear checks determining whether or not a player makes the cut for an instance or raid, you need to have the best gear possible. Relying solely on drops and crafting can hamper your progression as you battle your way through World of Warcraft. There's no reason to not spend some gold if can help you put out as much dps, healing or damage mitigation as possible for your guild and group.

  • A computer with the game installed
  • An internet connection
  • Gold or the discipline to earn gold
  • Patience
  1. Determine the gear you need to acquire. Check your gear score and see what the min/max mathematicians have decided upon as necessary for the level of instances that are level ready for. The forums are your friend as well as other World of Warcraft websites that focus on gear as applies to your talent tree point choices. Make sure to rank the gear you need replacing so that you know what you need to hunt for first rather than wasting the majority of your time on something that will only help you minimally.
  2. Ask your guild mates for help. Since the gear you're looking for is bind on equip, make sure to get the word out to your guild. There could also be crafted gear that might help you out and if that's the case then you can buy the pattern or buy the pattern for someone with the profession it requires. Unless you have the personality that makes people want to overcharge you, Guildies often will sell for less the items they can craft. There is one more bonus in that when you're not online some of your Guild will be and they can keep their eyes open for the gear you want.
  3. Take a chance on the trade channel. Sure it's a den of inequity filled with beggars, oddly bitter ten year olds and various conspiracy theorists but it also has, on occasion, gear for sale. Buying WoW gear means you sometimes have to get your hands dirty. Rise above the spam and save some gold. For your own safety make sure that the person selling is guilded in a decent size guild not comprised of the seller and 20 offline low-level alts. Avoid cash on delivery as well and do it face to face to avoid complications.
  4. Frequent the auction house. Sometimes you have to pay auction prices for gear but that doesn't mean you won't find a deal. By keeping in touch with auction prices you can see what kind of offers to make when the World of Warcraft gear you want shows up in the trade channel. The auction house is of course a good way to get rid of any materials or gear you don't require. There is a remote auction house application but it does cost $2.99 every 30 days while your guildmates will watch for free.
  5. Hit the lower level instances for rare drops and set pieces. As a realm ages and grows in population, eyes turn towards gearing up alt characters. Many of these players would rather spend gold to outfit their alts than run those earlier instances repeatedly. Use the auction house and forums to determine what low level gear is going for the best prices and then farm the instances where they drop.

When you are looking to buy gear in World of Warcraft it is best to rely on both patience and alertness. The patience comes as you utilize every available option to secure new gear while being alert allows you to strike when gear is priced low as well as knowing when the things you wish to sell to fund your purchases are in shortage. Go in with a well thought out plan and you won't shake your head with any regret when Blizzard's loot system finally rewards you with a tier piece.



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