Cadillac Commercial Songs

Learn about Cadillac Commercial Songs a technique the company uses to market and advertise each new car. Each Cadillac has an individual commercial song written for the product. It is played in the commercials and videos as a way to help consumers remember how unique Cadillacs are. Because there are many different models of Cadillacs there have been many commercial songs written for these cars. Some of the songs are older songs chosen because they promote the unique trademark of the individual Cadillacs.

  1. "Love Sick" is a song used in the 2010 Cadillac CTS-V commercial.  This Cadillac is know to be the world's fastest sedan. The car is easy to drive and very luxurious. The song for this model "Love Sick" is performed by Lindsrom and Christabelle.  Another song picked for the 2010 Cadillac was Albert King with the blues guitar selection called "Cadillac Assembly Line."  He is a big influence on Stevie Ray Vaughn blues style. A good song for this distinctive 6 cylinder car. The song is about a man that is going to move to Detroit to get a job working on the Cadillac automotive assembly line.
  2. "Slick Black Cadillac" This song is aimed at the 2010 Cadillac Escalade EXT.  A group called Quiet Riot gave the world the song "Slick Black Cadillac" about a black fast custom made car. This model has solid gold hubcaps, speed and an open truck bed for handy storage. A great song for this particular vehicle. It was performed in the early 1980's. The song is about a kid going for joy ride in a black Cadillac with cops on his tail.  In the song the kid feels like a king driving the car. This song captures the joy and power of driving one of these cars.
  3. "Solid Gold Cadillac" This song was sung by Pearl Bailey is used with  the Gold Mist Cadillac CTS Wagon. The song talks about how the woman wants to trade her hotels, buffalo herds, furs and jewels for a sporty gold Cadillac. She wants the car so badly she is willing to trade all of her possessions for one. It was recorded in 1940's
  4. "Pink Cadillac"  A simple song sung by Natalie Cole that talks about how a woman or man can love someone for their car. Lyrics are simple. It is a pink Cadillac that she loves with crushed velvet seats.  The Cadillac is a convertible and two door sedan with a light pink color. The song was probably rewritten for a the pink Cadillac in one of the commercials.
  5. "Brand New Cadillac" This was written by British rocker Vince Taylor. The band Clash recorded the song making it one of their own. The singer shows up in a new Cadillac and tell her boyfriend she is never coming back. Another popular song was "Peep Peep" by the Playmates. It was about a race between a Nash Rambler and Cadillac. It was recorded in 1958.
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