Cafe World Levels

If you are like most people, you may find yourself spending valuable time at work wondering about the different Café Levels that can be achieved with a time and dedication. Dreaming about putting together cookies, cakes and salads during the day will only get you so far. The only way to win is to continue to climb the culinary ladder and make steady progress throughout the duration of the game.

  1. Open for Business – In the first of the Café World levels you need only to show up to become a part of the madness. Here you will learn the basics of what it takes to run your café and just how it is that you can continue to work toward higher level achievements. Remember that each time you move up a level you are rewarded with bonuses. In this case you end the level with two employees, three stoves as well as three counters and some different meal options that you can now create.
  2. Sultan of Stoves – Here the challenge begins. In the second step of the Café World levels you need to learn more about the café and kitchen and make food that is going to keep your customers happy. You will need to acquire 34 Café Points in order to achieve this level and will be rewarded with another stove as well as 500 coins. Use the coins to purchase ingredients you will need to make those delectable dishes.
  3. Ace of Bakes – At this point you should at least be chuckling a little as each of the new Café World levels reveals its name. After 71 Café Points you will find yourself with a little more space along with more opportunities to keep customers coming back for more. As a hint, remember that the more neighbors you have, the more points you can achieve. So send out those requests until some of your friends get so tired of seeing them that they sign up just to get you off their backs! As a reward for all your hard work, you will be able to add some new items to the menu and be able to send out gifts to friends.
  4. Master of Mincing -As with all Café World levels, you need a certain number of Café Points to move on. To reach this level you will need to acquire 170 points. This means that you should be checking in regularly with your café and making sure that the shelves are always stocked with treats that are going to be constantly streaming in the points for you. A true sense of accomplishment should overtake you when you pass the level and earn things like the VIP Dinner as well as 1000 coins.
  5. Tikka Masala Master -When you arrive here after earning 370 Café Points you will notice that here the Café World levels begin to separate the amateurs from the professionals. If you aren’t checking in frequently with your café, chances are, attaining this level of expertise is just not in the cards for you. Only hard work and lots of Valentine Cakes and Sweet Seasonal Ham will get you here. However, when it finally does happen, you will be rewarded with Tikka Masala Kabobs.

Don’t be intimidated by the Café World levels as most people can easily pick up with basics of the game with the tutorial that starts at the beginning of level one.



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