California Adventure Rides

One of the main attractions of this theme park are the California Adventure rides. Whether you are the thrill seeking type or someone that just wants to enjoy some smooth sailing there is something for everyone. Plan out which of the California Adventure rides you want to go to first.

  1. Soarin' Over California – By far one of the most popular of the California Adventure rides, Soarin' Over California takes riders up into the air and through a tour of Southern California. It really does feel like flying as your feet dangle over the edge and you smell the citrus in the air while floating above the images of orange trees projected onto the screen.
  2. Grizzly River Run – When the weather is warm guests make this one of the busiest California Adventure rides. Once you enter the floatation device you are swept into the rapids where you have no choice but to get wet. Either the water being sprayed from the side or the water that makes it in after one of the sudden drops, most people walk out of the exit soaked to the bone.
  3. Toy Story Mania – Out of all of the California Adventure rides you want to head to this one as soon as the park opens. There is not a time during the day when you won't find a long line of patrons waiting to shoot it up with Woody and Buzz on this 3-D adventure. Players compete for the best scores as they shoot at plates, water balloons and even old mine cars.
  4. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror – Much like some of the other California Adventure rides, this one in not for the faint of heart. Once you enter the elevator be sure to prepare for the thrill of your life as you are taken up into the tower and repeatedly dropped throughout the course of the ride. As you exit check your picture to see the faces that were made by you and other riders.
  5. Monsters Inc – Adults and kids alike will enjoy the ride following Mike and Sully as they work to save a child from Monstropolis. Jump in a cab car and weave your way in and out of different scenes from the movie. This is one of the California Adventure rides that just about anyone in the park will enjoy.
  6. California Screaming – Some of the California Adventure rides really do leave patrons screaming and this roller coaster is no exception. The take off is swift and once things get going there is no turning back. Going up, down and even upside down at steady speeds draws guests throughout the day. If you have time, Fast Pass this ride.
  7. Hemlich Chew Chew Train – The little ones will love this ride, one of many California Adventure rides located within A Bug's Land. As the caterpillar makes he way through all types of delectable treats guests will hear the chewing and even smell the smells of things like fruit and candy corn. Watch out for the spray from the watermelon.
  8. Mickey's Fun Wheel – No theme park would be complete without a Ferris Wheel and this is just one of the California Adventure rides located within Paradise Pier. Be sure to take a ride at night when the entire wheel lights up. You can choose to ride in the cars that move back and forth or some of the more stable options.
  9. Silly Symphony Swings – Unlike most of the California Adventure rides, this ride has already been updated. Guests sit in seats that are spun in the air while being lifted off the ground. This isn't for those with a fear of heights but it does give you a great view of the park.
  10. Flik's Flyers – If you can't talk the kids into the some of the other California Adventure rides, they won't mind this one. This is a much smaller version of the silly swings without feet dangling down below. Kids will feel secure but still get the thrill of riding through the air.

Plan well to ensure that you make it onto all of the California Adventure rides.  

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