Call Of Duty 1: How To Use Mods

"Call of Duty" is war game that is action packed which is why you should know about "Call of Duty 1: how to use mods." A lot of smart weaponry ranging from smart guns to cannons is in use throughout the game levels. The game was developed back in 2003 but has undergone revolutionary changes to increase player experience. There has been a series of modifications. These modifications have helped the game attain such exciting levels. Most important is the modification's capacity to increase the game intensity through provisions such as new energy, better fire-power, accuracy and visual effects. This allows you to play some of World War II epic battles.

  1. Playing "Call of Duty 1" online is quite easy. You can play it online by logging in to a website that allows you to play the game free. You only need your mouse to play the game. The mouse will guide you in identifying your target and aiming at the target. Ideally, once you identify your target and put the cross hairs on him, click on fire with the right click of your PC mouse. The best spots to aim at your target are the head. This makes sure you instantly drop the enemy. If play on slow connections, aiming and firing is slow.
  2. Using the "Call of Duty" mods is quite simple and does not require a skill set as many would insinuate. Rather, identifying the right game spots to study, download, and install the add-ons is the correct approach. The various mods that you may need to identify with are the latest developments such as unscoped  FG42 Weapon Pack, which gives you eleven different unscoped Fg42’s to choose and use in battle. They are accurate and easy to fire. You can change the game background if you are not contented with the existing theme. This you can do by downloading and installing the 'Single image background mod' for this game. This mod transforms the multi-player background making the game load a single image.
  3. Black & Grey Desert Eagle for "COD 1" replaces the M1 Carbine. You simply download, install, and execute; the file works all right. Purple Desert Eagle for "COD 1" changes the M1 arbine to a desert eagle. Pluscle's teal overcoats, realistic unscoped FG42, and Leon's COD mappack 2 are some of the mods you will install to increase the game intensity. Remember, you are required to download and install the files. It is also important to make sure they work all right with the game by checking compatibility.
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