Call Of Duty 4 Ak47 Tips

Here is a Call of Duty 4 Ak47 tip that is very helpful when playing the game. During game play, there are many players who are using what is referred to as Golden Weapons. The Ak47 is considered to be one of these weapons. You can get one for your own player once a certain skill level has been obtained. It does take perseverance to reach the level to get to the Ak47 or any of the Golden Weapons that are available in the game. If you can get this weapon, you will have a status symbol that shows all other players that you have been dedicated and are now a skilled player in Call of Duty 4.

Things you will need to apply this Call of Duty Ak47 Tip:

  • Online access
  • Playstation 3
  • Call of Duty 4 Game
  1. Turn on the Playstation and start up the Call of Duty 4 game.
  2. Put the game setting in the multiplayer selection. This is the only way the Ak47 can be unlocked. To apply Call of Duty 4 Ak47 tips the game must be in multiplayer mode at all times.
  3. Make it to the 55th level and unlock any weapons that you find along the way. You will need these to complete the assaults and make it to the Ak47 weapon. Do not select the Prestige mode or all of the unlockables will be lost.
  4. Look in the barracks for your list of challenges. The Call of Duty 4 Ak47 tip requires that you complete all of your challenges that are on the list.
  5. Unlock the Call of Duty 4 Ak47, which is an assault rifle, once you go through the challenges in the assault list. The challenges includes all of the challenges for weapons found prior to the Call of Duty 4 Ak47. Once you choose the finish under the “Create a Class” selector, your golden weapons are options available.



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