Call Of Duty 4 Codes

If you are trying to find some worthwhile Call of Duty 4 codes on the Xbox 360 gaming console, then the following cheats may be of interest to you. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is one of the greatest achievements in all of video game history. So, why would an avid video gamer not want to have some fun with it and cheat a bit? The following Call of Duty 4 codes range from beneficial ones, like Infinite Ammunition, to novelty ones, like Golden Weapons.

  1. Unlock the Arcade Mode and Cheat Options in Call of Duty 4. These two different cheats can be unlocked in Call of Duty 4 simply by beating the game on any difficulty level. The arcade mode can be found on the Main Menu screen of the game, of course, and the cheat options menu can be accessed in the Options Menu while actually playing the game.
  2. Unlock Golden Weapons in Call of Duty 4. One of the most interesting Call of Duty 4 codes has to be the Golden Weapons. These are special weaponry which are accessible once you complete each individual weapon challenge. Complete all Sniper challenges to obtain the Golden Dragonuv, complete all LMG challenges to unlock the Golden M60, complete all Assault Rifle challenges to unlock the Golden AK-47, complete all SMG challenges to obtain the Golden Mini-Uzi, complete all Shotgun challenges to unlock the Golden M1014 and last but not least, you must simply reach Level 55 in order to obtain the Golden Desert Eagle. Keep in mind, this Call of Duty 4 code is purely for cosmetic use and does not particularly add any extra benefit to gameplay.
  3. Unlock Infinite Ammunition in Call of Duty 4. This Call of Duty 4 code will provide you with an unlimited amount of ammunition to use throughout the game; no reloading required whatsoever. The only downside is that this code will not have the same affect with Claymore mines, C4 Explosives or other single-shot weapons. The only way to unlock this cheat is to collect 30 pieces of enemy intel throughout the game. Intel resembles laptop computers somewhat and they are hidden within the campaign missions.
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