Call Of Duty 4 Easter Eggs

Call of Duty 4 Easter Eggs are present in one of the most popular video game franchises that has sold millions of copies worldwide. These Easter Eggs add more entertainment value to Call of Duty 4 as players discover little bonus content throughout the game. The Easter Eggs are a welcomed addition to an already awesome first person shooter. Nothing can beat playing through Call of Duty 4 in order to unlock or witness some of these fabulous Easter Eggs to enhance the thrilling gameplay. Here are the Call of Duty 4 Easter Eggs for your enjoyment:

  1. Captain Price Compliment. Start the mission called "Blackout" and take position next to Captain Price overlooking the town. Use your sniper rifle to kill a couple of enemies at the farthest building and he'll say, "Nice shot. MacMillan would be impressed."
  2. Carnival Teddy Bear. Check out the map in "Carnival" and go toward the rocket ship. Look inside the spiny, circular ride to find a teddy bear there.
  3. Griggs Rap. Listen through the entire end credits and first song. There will be an introduction for a rap by Sgt. Griggs about Call of Duty 4 and Infinity Wards.
  4. WarGames – W.O.P.R. The 80's movie lives on inside a war room near the control center. A gamer will find a copy of the W.O.P.R.  supercomputer from the film but written in Russian.
  5. Aliens Movie Quotes. From "Crew Expendable," a helicopter drops off Gaz on the upper deck. The soldier pulls out a shotgun and mentions "I like to keep this for close encounters," and another replies, "Too right," which comes from "Aliens."
  6. Developer's Pet Photos. Type in "seta thereisacow 1337" after pressing ~ to enable cheats. Next, type "noclip" to fly around the map and fly over a blue building with a brown roof to find farm animals grazing on the field.
  7. Developer's Logo. Go to the "Blacklot" level and enter a building that is under construction. In the ground floor, follow the door on the left and see upon the first wall has the Infinity Ward logo spray painted on it. 
  8. Inifinity Ward/Game References. Enter any multiplayer level that have large shipping containers. From the shipment, see the containers have white lettering "INF INITY WRD" or "COD MW" on them.
  9. Dr. Strangelove Reference. There is a little reference to the classic Stanley Kubrick film. Look for the level titled "No Fighting in the War Room.
  10. Charlie Don't Surf. In the mission to capture Al-Asad, there is a chapter with this dubious title. This references "Apocalypse Now" as Lt. Col. Kilgore's explanation to attacking a fortified coast. 
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