Call Of Duty 4: How To Get Easy Headshots

You might want to know how to get easy headshots in “Call of Duty 4” if getting headshots isn’t exactly the easiest thing ever for you. Many people find themselves searching for help in getting headshots on enemy players because headshots typically award an instant kill. The good news is that it’s definitely not hard to get easy headshots in “Call of Duty 4.” These tips will have you playing more wisely, and they’ll also help you tremendously with getting loads of headshots on your enemies.

  1. You must begin getting used to aiming for the head. One of the best tips for helping players get easy headshots in “Call of Duty 4” is to begin really trying to aim for the head on every single enemy. This may be hard to get used to at first, but you’re rarely going to get headshots if you’re just aiming for your enemy’s body, in general. If it helps, create “headshots only” private matches with your friends so that you can get a very good feel for getting headshots on enemies. This is probably one of the best ways to help get acquainted with aiming for the head.
  2. Become stealthy and rush the enemy team from behind when matches start. This is another great way to get easy headshots. Headshots are the easiest to attain when you go unseen by the enemy, so always try to work your way around the map to the other team unnoticed. If you can, try to kill enemies off from behind so that you can get loads of kills as well as headshots. You can even take your time with the aiming because you will go unnoticed by the enemy.
  3. Use the perk, “Steady Aim.” You can really set your perks up any way you want to, but “Steady Aim” is a must if you want to get easy headshots. It will help you place the cross hair on your target’s head more quickly and smoothly, and you’ll be able to keep it there more easily when you fire a round.
  4. Don’t try to get a headshot if you are face to face with an enemy. Don’t try to attain headshots all the time. You might find yourself in a situation where you simply don’t have time to attempt a headshot. If you run into an enemy face to face, you want to quickly take him down to avoid dying. Simply kill him and move on. Always remember that headshots are ideal when you’re at medium to long range. 
  5. Get out of the habit of instantly aiming at the torso. Many people aim directly for the torso when they play first person shooter games, and this is typically because it’s easier to get a kill that way. However, killing an enemy by firing into their torso can mean longer time spent killing. Try to get into the habit of firing upwards around their head to get easy headshots and take your enemies down quickly.
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