Call Of Duty 4 Tips And Tricks

"Call of Duty 4" has many different schemes in the game. These schemes will leave you  slaughtered and walking away in frustration. In order to beat "Call of Duty 4," there are a few tips and tricks that you should know that will be beneficial for you to be a better soldier and win victory.

  1. Do more crunch walking. When crouched in "Call of Duty 4," you will make way less noise to where your enemies can't hear you. Although you move slower, you can still keep a steady aim which actually gives you super accurate hip firing. Slow but steady wins the game.
  2. Use silenced weapons. Use more silenced weapons to make sure that your weapon fiery doesn't show on the map. Doing so makes it harder for your enemies to find your location. Use them whenever you can in the game.
  3. Use your environment to your advantage. Blend in wherever possible. If you're out in the open, your opponents will easily pick up on your movements a whole lot faster. Blending in gives you a better chance of staying hidden from your "Call of Duty 4" enemies.
  4. Use the Martodom perk wherever possible. Using this perk drops a grenade by your side when you're killed in "Call of Duty 4." You would be surprised how many people get hit by this. Even the more advanced game players get caught by it. 
  5. Use the mini map to locate your enemies. Use this "Call of Duty 4" map to see where the fire is coming from when you're getting fired on. It also shows your location every time you fire unless a silencer is used. Using the mini map will make you more aware of your surroundings.
  6. Aim for the body, not the head. You have a 10 percent chance of making the shot at the head and a 80 percent chance of hitting the body. Although the head shot will bring your opponent down, the head to body ratio will likely have you down first if you aim for the head all the time. It's best to aim for the body most of the time. This will reduce your chances of getting hit.

So there you have it, 6 simple "Call of Duty 4" tips and tricks to make you a better player.

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