Call Of Duty 5: How To Use Death Cards

Up your game in “Call of Duty 5” by learning how to use death cards. Death cards unlock all kinds of great cheats such as: exploding headshots, paintball mode, undead enemies and vampire skills. There are thirteen cards in all and they can be found throughout the game. The cards are scale to the game so they can be slightly difficult to find. After you find the death cards you will not be able to use death cards until you have to first enable them. This procedure is very simple.

  1. Select "Cooperative" from the menu page. You will then be taken to the cooperative campaign menu.
  2. From the cooperative campaign menu select "Host Lan". You will then be taken to the lan lobby menu.
  3. From the lan lobby menu select "Game Setup". You will then be taken to the game setup menu.
  4. From the game setup menu select "Game Mode Settings". You will then be taken to the game rules menu.
  5. Once on the game rules menu, enable the death card cheats. Now select the select cheats option.
  6. You will be taken to the "Select Cheats" menu. There are a total of thirteen death card cheats that you use.
  7. Go through an enable the cheats you want. Then click accept.
  8. You will then be taken to the game rules menu again. Select back.
  9. Now you will be on the game setup menu. Select ok.
  10. You will then be taken to the lan lobby. From here you can start your came and play as you wish.



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