Call Of Duty: World At War PC Cheats

Need to learn Call of Duty: World at War PC cheats as quickly as possible? Well, if you need them now, you probably should not be looking this information up on the internet. Since you already have made this key mistake, this list will provide you with extensive info the developers have decided to put in the game here.

  1. Before you can enter any cheat code, you must enter the games cheat mode. Press the tilde key on your keyboard. It rests beside the one and directly under the escape key. Enter the phrase "devmap mak" and hit the enter key. You have now entered the PC version of Call of Duty Word at War's cheat mode.
  2. Use the Invincible Cheat. If you do not want to worry about running out of health of getting injured, the god mode is your best bet. The developers did not believe in creativity on this one. Just type in "God."
  3. Unlimited Ammo. Ammunition is something you do not want to run out of in war or during the zombie apocalypse. Now that you have turned yourself into a god, it may be time to make sure you have an infinite supply of bullets. Continuing with the creative theme, enter the "give all" command.
  4. Useful Movement Tricks. The Noclip code does exactly what it suggests. Entering "UFO" into the box makes the character fly. Teleportation can occur when you use the cheat mode to type in "jumptoanode."
  5. Map Related Cheat Codes for Call of Duty: World at War. Changing maps is accomplished by typing in the word map followed by the name of the map. If you do not know the name of the maps in the game, enter the Call of Duty World at War PC cheat mode and type mapname. Devmap <map name> allows you to transfer the current map with the codes already entered enabled.
  6. To Not Have the Enemy Target You. Typing in "Disable AI" prevents enemies from targeting you. It is far more useful than the kill command. The kill command causes your character to commit suicide.
  7. Go to the Movies. If you want a more cinematic feel in the PC version of Call of Duty World at War, these cheat codes will help. Remember to use the case correctly. Black and white movie mode is entered by typing in "sf_use_bw 1." The creative team returned for the final code. If you want to play the game in silent movie mode, type "sf_use_chaplin 1."
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