Camping Sites In No State Parks

Finding camping sites in no state parks might be a tricky and tedious thing to do, but it can be done. This is because you can get all the perks of being in a state park without actually camping in one if you choose the right camping park. Depending on where you’re camping, you can find a number of parks that are not state run but offer a number of amenities and activities nearby.

  1. Barton Flats in San Bernardino, CA. Nestled in beautiful woods, and harboring close to 60 camping sites Barton Flats offers a lot to their campers. Pets are allowed and they have a wilderness area for guests. Hike along their trails, and see wildlife during your stay.
  2. Pickle Gulch in Roosevelt, CO. This is a group campground. The campers must have fifteen people or more for reservations. The sites are large and provide the campers with a fire ring, bathrooms, and water during their stay. There are tennis courts, horseshoe rings, and picnic tables across the campgrounds for the camper’s enjoyment.
  3. Juniper Springs Rec Area in Silver Springs, FL. None of the campsites have electricity, but they are shaded. One of the biggest attractions at this campground is the bears and raccoons that frequent the area. All food must be kept in sealed containers. They offer more than fifteen amenities in their park for campers such as picnicking, courts, playgrounds, and swimming areas.
  4. Barnes Field Campground in White Mountain, NH. Year round camping sites and one of the few in New Hampshire. They provide bucket water, as well as bathrooms. Beautiful scenery and the chance to explore the open outdoors.
  5. Winhall Brook in South Londonderry, VT. They provide full access campsites and swimming pools for the campers. Not only that but the toilets flush, and there is portable water. The scenery is beautiful, and the sites are large.
  6. Indian Hollow in Huntington, MA. This is one of the higher ends of campgrounds and provides each camper with electricity and a large site for tents, RVs, and trailers. There are showers and flushable toilets among the campsites. Wide range of amenities inside the campground and outside as well.
  7. Ives Run in Tioga, PA. Located on the shores of Hammond Lake, this campground offers both electric and non electric sites to their campers. They have working toilets and showers. Swim in the lake, or in one of their provided swimming pools. If you forgot something at home, the convenience store is right in the loop.
  8. Northfield Brook Lake in Thomaston, CT. It is on public land so anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors can do so. They provide hiking trails, picnic areas, and scenic areas for all of their visitors. The lake nearby is stocked with trout each year for maximum fishing fun.
  9. Potomac Group Campground in Hector, NY. When you have a large group that needs space, this is the area to go to. This is because they offer pavilions, loads of parking space, and a lot of land to run on. Hiking trails are also throughout the park for added scenic fun for the group.
  10. Coon Creek Cabin in Angelus Oaks, CA. This is a cabin camping area. They provide cabins to the campers that are open air. This means that the cabins do not have windows or doors attached. There are fire areas, toilets, walking and hiking areas, and fishing. 



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