Can Abstinence Cause a UTI In Men?

Can abstinence cause a UTI in men? A UTI is the abbreviation for "Urinary Tract Infection." The answer to this question is no, abstinence does not cause urinary tract infections in men. It could be nice to blame your urinary tract infection on the fact that your girlfriend has been far away for too long, but the real causes of urinary tract infections in men are explained below.

Men are generally less susceptible to urinary tract infections than women. After 50 years of age, men do have more urinary tract infections, mostly because they have developed prostate problems which can obstruct the urinary tract, increasing the risk of infection. When men do get a urinary tract infection, is it usually more serious than a UTI in a woman, and they require more hospitalizations.

Men who are very sexually active or have multiple partners are at an increased risk for UTI. Urinary tract infections are not sexually transmitted diseases, but intense and frequent sex can irritate the urethra and lead to infection. This answers the question of "Can abstinence cause a UTI in men?"

Frequent use of antibiotics can cause a UTI in men. Most antibiotics that are taken for one infection, also carry the risk of leading to a secondary infection. Sometimes this secondary infection can be a urinary tract infection.

Diseases and illnesses can increase the risk for UTI's in men. This includes abnormalities of the urinary tract, kidney stones, and diabetes. Fungal related urinary tract infections are higher in men with diabetes.



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