Can A Swollen Scrotum Cause An Orgasm Problem?

In dealing with the question of, “can a swollen scrotum cause an orgasm problem,” it is important to remember that this advice is in no way a replacement for your physician’s advice. Always consult with a physician for medical advice for swollen scrotums that cause any orgasm problems. That said there are numerous causes of swollen scrotums that can cause orgasm problems. The reason for the swelling will have a direct influence in whether or not the swelling will cause an orgasm problem.

Items that may be required:

  • Ice
  • Heating pad
  • Pillow
  • Towel
  • Over the counter pain relief/anti-inflammatory medications


  1. Determine possible causes of swelling. This is the most important step.
  2. Epididymitis. Swelling in the epidiymis (located backside of each testicle) due to infection or cysts. If the swelling is due to infection there is an increased likelihood that there will be orgasm problems.
  3. Injury. Any impact to the scrotum can resulting swelling from surrounding tissue fluids. Any kind of impact injury that causes scrotum swelling will cause orgasm problems.
  4. Varicocele. A swollen (unusually so) or varicose vein on the testes.
  5. Hydrocele. An accumulation of fluid surrounding the testes. This kind of scrotum swelling causes no pain and therefore has a low instance of orgasm problems.
  6. Testicular torsion. Swelling that occurs when the testes twist cutting off blood flow and cause extreme pain. This type of swelling in the scrotum will prohibit orgasm.
  7. Select treatment the treatment plan that coincides with problem. If you are unsure, always err on the side of caution and see you physician.
  8. Epididymitis. This condition is treated with antibiotics, rest, and supportive underwear.
  9. Impact injury. The majority of minor injuries cause temporary swelling, but rarely have lasting problems. If swelling remains, or there are orgasm problems, this condition can be treated with surgery.
  10. Varicocele. While most of the time these are painless, if a vericocele does become painful it can it can cause some orgasm difficulties, but can be treated with surgery
  11. Hydrocele. Surgery can cure hydrocele or the fluid may be drawn out of the testicular membrane using a fine needle (fine needle aspiration is quite painful, so some men prefer surgical options).
  12. Testicular torsion. Testicular torsion means testicle twisting, which may cut off the blood supply resulting in tissue death. This condition requires at the very least an emergency exam, and frequently has to be addressed with surgery.
  13. Follow through on the treatment. Injuries are often complicated by failure of the patient to stay with prescribed treatment once they begin to feel better.

TipsThese steps should provide relief from temporary pain when experiencing testicle or scrotum pain and swelling: apply ice to your scrotum. For relief of inflammation, apply warmth to scrotum. Wear an athletic supporter. Over the counter pain and inflammation relievers such as acetaminophen and/or ibuprofen.

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