Can You Get HIV Through Oral Sex?

If you're wondering can you get HIV through oral sex, the short answer is yes. According to the Centers for Disease Control, it's not as likely as transmitting HIV through vaginal or anal sex, but there are instances where people have gotten HIV from either giving or receiving oral sex. While no one can say for sure what the chances of getting HIV through oral sex are, it's definitely possible. 

  • If the person performing oral sex has HIV, the person receiving can get HIV through the lining of the urethra, the lining of the vagina or cervix, the lining of the anus or any tiny cuts or abrasions. This means that you can technically get HIV though oral sex if you have razor burn or a tiny cut even if you are the receiving party.
  • If the person receiving the oral sex has HIV, the person giving the oral sex can get HIV from blood, semen, pre-cum or vaginal fluid. The person receiving the oral sex is more likely to get HIV if the person giving it has blood in her mouth or throat, the person receiving ejaculates into the mouth of the person giving it or the person receiving it has another sexually transmitted disease. This means that if you are receiving oral sex, you are less likely to get HIV if you pull out before you cum. 

You are less likely to get HIV through oral sex if you use a condom or a latex barrier. The only way to guarantee that you are safe from HIV is to abstain from any sort of sex. 



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