Can You Get Mono Twice?

If you’ve had mono before and you’re starting to exhibit some of the symptoms of the last illness you may be asking yourself, “Can you get mono twice?” It’s understandable that you won’t want to go through that fiasco again, and thankfully the answer is no…but yes. Don’t get confused just yet. Remember, once the virus is in the body you get sick and it then the symptoms recede.  owever, the dormant virus will always be in the system.

Cases of mononucleosis are caused by the Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV), and once a body is infected, it will be carried in the body for the rest of your life.  ure, it’s possible for a reactivation of the virus, but even then it is usually only detectable in the saliva and you’re not likely to start showing symptoms again. In some cases, people with very weak immune system such as those with AIDS or HIV may fall prey to the virus and become very ill.

In other, very rare cases, the virus can cause what has come to be known as chronic EBV. This occurs when constant illness is seen for six months. The mono symptoms keep coming back and it may seem as though you’re getting mono more than once. Actually, it’s the same virus deciding to show its ugly head again … and again. Many instances of getting mono twice are actually a misdiagnosis of a less severe but equally debilitating sickness known as the flu. And the symptoms can be a show stopper. They include: sore throat, high fever, enlarged lymph nodes in the throat and pits, fatigue, anorexia, muscle aches, rash, nausea, headache and abdominal pain.

You should be real careful if diagnosing yourself with mono symptoms repeatedly. It may seem as though you’re getting mono more than once, or that the same virus is recurring, but very similar symptoms are also the sign of hepatitis and toxoplasmosis. Yikes!

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