Can You Get STDs From Oral Sex?

Many people may wonder, can you get STDs from oral sex? Experts suggest that it is possible to get many STDs through oral sex acts, although it is less common than passing diseases through other sexual behavior. There are certain diseases that are spread through oral sex more commonly than others, and there are a few precautions that can lessen the risk.

Sexual diseases are generally passed through the intermingling of bodily fluids, and saliva is sometimes capable of passing on the diseases. When you get STDs from oral sex, it usually involves a disease being transmitted from the saliva in the mouth to the genitals or vice-versa. The genitals are generally shielded from air most of the day, which keeps them moist, and that is a good kind of environment for sexually transmitted diseases to thrive. The mouth is also obviously moist, and this combination of moist areas coming into contact with each other is the reason people can get STDs from oral sex.

You can reduce the chance to get STDs from oral sex by using a condom or a dental dam. This way, the saliva and the sexual fluids don't come into contact with each other, and it’s hard to get STDs from oral sex if this kind of intermingling doesn’t happen. Condoms and dental dams aren’t a surefire method of protecting yourself, and many experts also recommend frequent testing to make sure you aren't infected with an STD.

When people get STDs from oral sex, some diseases are generally more common than others. Some of the more common diseases include herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, and hepatitis.



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