Can You Get Your Lightsaber Back On KOTOR 2 Xbox?

Those who just played Knights of the Old Republic II might be thinking "Can you get your lightsaber back on KOTOR 2 xbox version?" That's a difficult question to address. KOTOR 2 for Xbox is a 2004 RPG (role playing game) developed by Obsidian Entertainment and later published by LucasArts. KOTOR 2 for Xbox centers around the events that occur five years after the original. Let's delve deeper into the game, though, to see if you can get your lightsaber back on KOTOR 2 for Xbox.

  1. Understand that KOTOR 2 for Xbox follows a canon. The vast majority of Star Wars video games, comics, and media focus around a central plot that is "canon". This roughly translates into what actually happens in the accepted Star Wars Universe, as backed by George Lucas and his studios.
  2. Losing your lightsaber in KOTOR 2 for Xbox is canon. To be more blunt about it, you were supposed to lose your original lightsaber in Knights of the Old Republic II. That doesn't mean it can't be undone, but this is what was intended.
  3. You will eventually fight Atris for your lightsaber. In KOTOR 2 for Sbos, Atris has your lightsaber, and has no intention of willingly giving it to you. As the plot progresses, you'll beat her but be forced to flee the scene immediately. This gives you no chance to receive the lightsaber, even if you chose the dialogue option that said you were "here for the lightsaber".
  4. Mods are offered. There are modifications, informally known as 'mods', you can add to your game that will make the lightsaber able to accquired. Several sources around the Internet offer this mod, pretty much because everyone wants to get your lightsaber back on KOTOR for Xbox.
  5. Choose the option "I'm here for my lightsaber, Atris". If you don't ask for it, the mod won't work. After all, if you want the sword, just say so. She will fight you, and you'll get that pretty little beam of light back in no time.


  • Be warned that in KOTOR 2 for Xbox, it's hard to add modifications. Mods are designed for the Microsoft Windows version of Knights of the Old Republic II, but can always be transferred.
  • If you choose to take this route to get your lightsaber back on KOTOR 2 for Xbox, then be sure to learn how to safely transfer mods (legally) to your hard drive. Be safe, and enjoy the rest of KOTOR 2 for Xbox, fellow Jedi!
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