Can You Have Sex With Kidney Stones?

If you have recently been diagnosed with kidney stones, you are probably anxious to find out if you can have sex with kidney stones and if there is anything you need to worry about. After all, kidney stones can be extremely painful and the number one priority in these conditions is healing.

The good news is that you absolutely can have sex with kidney stones. It is not dangerous to you or your partner, though the painkillers and other medication you are given may decrease your libido. The most common sexual side effect of kidney stones is simply experiencing too much discomfort to engage in sex. Medically, you are putting yourself in no danger by having sex with kidney stones.

Remember that, regardless of the pain or discomfort you may be feeling, kidney stones reside in your bladder, kidney or the tubes in between. Rarely will kidney stones exist in the urethra where they would interfere with sex.

In severe situations, doctors sometimes insert a stent to alleviate the pressure caused by kidney stones. In these cases, your doctor will brief you on the proper care and maintenance of the stent. Usually a stent will not prevent a patient form having sex, but, again, discomfort and side effects of medication may reduce your interest in or pleasure during sex. The single most important thing to remember when having sex with a stent is the thread left hanging from your urethra must not be damaged or broken since it is an essential part of your stent.

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