Can You Play PS2 Games On PS3

Ever since the Playstation 3 has been announced, the question were asked, "can you play PS2 games on the PS3?" The short answer is yes and no, everything depends on the model of the PS3. The 20G and 60G models of the playstation 3 are able to support PS2 discs on them. In fact, they are probably the best models for this task. The 40G version, unfortunately, does not support any PS2 games. However, it allows players to play PS1 games rather well. The 80G and 60g are able to support PS2 games as well, using PAL emulation to do so. The Slim model of the Sony PS3, does nto support Playstation 2 games, unfortunately. What's even more unfortunate, is that it's the only Playstation 3 in production as of 2011, that means any future prospects of playing games on an old PS2 disc are long gone. However, all hope isn't lost yet, there are some Playstation 2 games available on the Playstation network for purchase, so the good memories don't fade.

If all other options are exhausted, or if you aren't sure which model you possess right now, there's a special website that will allow you to check whether or not your model is compatible with old Playstation 2 games. All you need to do is select the model of Playstation 3  you have, and type in the name of the video game you wish to play, and the site will give you all the information you could want. So go on, have fun, and relive the good ol' days of Sony.



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