Canadian Stereotypes

Canadian stereotypes–if there's one thing for sure, it's that there are plenty of stereotypes about this nation. But which stereotypes are correct or false? Let's break down Canada's most common stereotypes and determine which ones are actually true.

  1. Canadians love hockey. While it is true that hockey is extremely popular in Canada, it is a sweeping generalization to claim all Canadians love this sport. It may be more prevalent in this country, but that does not necessarily mean everybody loves it. To contrast, baseball is often considered the true American sport, yet not all Americans enjoy watching baseball.
  2. Canadians are extremely polite. Not all Canadians carry the same temperament, and some people even argue that Canadians are simply too passive. This stereotype has also been extended to their southern cousin, Minnesota, which is sometimes referred to as a little Canada. Verdict: Not all people will act the same, regardless of where they come from.
  3. Canadians pronounce "out" and "about" like "oot" and "aboot". This stereotype is true, if you have a strong, Canadian accent. Not all Canadians have this accent, however. Some of them may have French accents, especially those who hail from Quebec. Their accents may also vary from region to region. For example, people on the East Coast may not sound like Canadians from the West Coast.
  4. Most Canadians are French or Scottish. Although there may be more people of French descent living in Quebec, not everyone in Canada has Scottish or French lineage. In fact, many citizens are German, Dutch, Polish, Chinese or even Indian. There has also been a recent emergence of immigrants into the country, including Vietnamese, Korean, Iranian and Japanese people.
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