Is Canker Sore Inflammation Aggrevated By Sugar?

If you asked if canker sore inflammation is aggravated by sugar, you may find some answers here. Canker sores usually appear as small ulcers in the mouth without any particular cause. A person who is fond of drinking diet colas and other sugarless products that use artificial sugars in their ingredients are common victims of canker sores. Citric food that may contain sugar, like apples, pineapples, oranges and lemons are common irritants for canker sore. High sugar content in food, like chocolate, can make the ulcers more painful and may aggravate the inflammation.

According from a research study published in "Journal of the American College of Cardiology," a diet that is high in sugar, saturated fats, refined starches and trans fats can increase inflammation. Bacteria in the mouth can also break sugar into acid that may give cause cavities and mouth sores. The inflammatory process takes place with canker sores and the sugar overload in the body can further facilitate the inflammation. High blood sugar not only aggravates the inflammatory process in the body, it can also cause damage the nervous system and the blood vessels as well.

A spike of insulin in the body can worsen the inflammatory process. High sugar levels can affect the hormone called eicosanoids that may act as pro-inflammatory and thus may further aggravate any inflammation resulting from canker sore. This is more significant among diabetics who may experience longer periods of inflammation because of high sugar level in the body. Furthermore, sugar can also induce stress, one of the causative factors for canker sore to occur. In order to avoid further aggravation of the inflammatory process in canker sores, you should avoid foods high in citric acid and sugar.

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