Capital Of North Korea

Are you looking for information on the capital of North Korea? North Korea is a country in the eastern part of Asia, as part of the Korean Peninsula with neighbor South Korea. Both countries have been in the media as of late, thanks in part to North Korea's aggressive stance on nuclear weapons, as well as their attack on a South Korea area in early 2011.

The capital of North Korea is Pyongyang, which is the largest city in the country. Located near the Taedong River, the population is around 3 million people. Pyongyang has also been known as the capital of the willows because of the high number of willow trees that are within the city, this has lead to many poems and stories written about them. The city itself was redesigned after the end of the Korean War, turning into a modern city setting.

The climate of Pyongyang is humid, with cold winds coming in from Siberia which causes the temperature to drop to near freezing in the months between November and March. The summers are usually hot and humid, reaching to about 86 degrees.

Traveling to North Korea needs to be within an organized tour and needs to be by the authorities, where they are ushered into the capital to view the monument and statues of the former president Kim Il-Sung. The city is nearly free of automobiles and electricity at night, but again there are some points of interests that travelers might enjoy, such as the International Friendship Museum, the State Circus, and the Revolutionary Opera, however these sights are controlled by the North Korean government, pushing tourists to see what the government wants them to see.

Knowing more about the capital of North Korea can help in travel arrangements, especially if you are planning on traveling to the city or the country at large. It is also important that you listen to current news to discover more about the country and its people.



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