Car Customizing Games

If you are a car junkie, but can’t afford to fix up a real car, then you should know some car customizing games. These games bring the most realistic car customization options to the table and all it’s going to cost you is about 50 bucks for the game.

  1. “Need For Speed Underground Two”. The "Need for Speed" series has been considered one of the top of the line of car customizing games by many gamers and mechanics. In “Underground Two” you create customize your cars and then can drive them around the city, and the main aspect of the game is actually racing. One of the cool features of “Underground Two” is that you can take your car on a joyride through the city and get as fast as your car is able to go before it tops out from your customizing! “Underground Two” is a car customizing game for the Xbox and PS2.
  2. “Need For Speed Most Wanted”. “Most Wanted” is a lot like “Underground Two” in the car customizing a racing aspect of the game, but it adds another aspect to the free roam that “Underground Two” didn’t have; the police. If you drive fast through the city, you will ignite the police and have a chase through the city. If you are caught by the police, you will restart from the last save and lose anything you got up until that point. This extra bit of heat will make you want to customize your car to better handling and better speeds so that you can stay out of police custody.
  3. “Need For Speed Carbon”. Once again, combining the best aspects of “Underground Two” with “Most Wanted”, “Carbon” was actually an almost completely different car customizing game from the others. It still had the same in depth car customization as the other two games with the spoilers, paint jobs, and full body kits, but the driving in this game was much more realistic. The other two “Need For Speed” games were both arcade style racers where you could almost take a curve full speed and come out okay, but in “Carbon” if you try and take a quick turn or hit another car, you will slow down greatly in this car customizing game.
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