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If you are an avid online game player, you should definitely check out some car parking games online. These games sound like they would be pretty monotonous, but these online car parking games will be sure to keep your attention and maybe even develop a bit of an addiction within you if you give all of these chance!

  1. “Parking Mania” The most basic of the entire online car parking game catalogue, “Parking Mania” is exactly what you expect to be playing when you go looking for a car parking game. You are simply given a space on the screen to drive the car into, there are more and more obstacles as you move on through the game and get to higher levels, but the basic structure of this online car parking game stays about the same throughout the entire game.
  2. “Extreme Parking Mania” One of the few different sequels to “Parking Mania”, this online car parking game changes up the basic function of the original car parking game but have there be little dots that change the colors of the car which will cause different things. For example, a yellow will allow your car in the game to drive through the yellow walls, blue will make your car huge, and green will make your car smaller. The game utilizes these different aspects to create new and more difficult challenges for the online car parking game enthusiast.
  3. “Super Parking World” This one is very similar to the original “Parking Mania” in that it is based more on realism than adding more interesting aspects to the game but it does have two key differences. This online car parking game involves a timer to make things much more difficult in that you have to do more driving and less thinking of the best way to drive into the space. The other main difference of this online car parking game is that you have five lives and if you lose them, it is game over and you have to start from the beginning!
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